Cultivate the A-HA moments in your Yoga teaching; the Buddhi or 'inner knowing'. Develop the sense that comes to you naturally when observation and intuition come together to provide a breakthrough moment for your Yoga student with a MasterLife program.

The Yoga teaching programs and certifications are taught individually and are tailored made to assure you have detailed, personal attention to help in your development as you begin to teach.

You can train for your Yoga teaching certifcation with Yuko and Nick online via face-to-face video calls or in Nice on the French Riviera (see www.yogacotedazur.fr).

“ Whether you're a yogi, a therapist, an athlete, a nutritionist or an educator- the program is incredibly enriching
for anyone and taught with such wisdom. Yoga as in asana, but yoga as in life, off the mat, as well. Master LIFE !! ”

Gina McGovern
Level 1 & 2 MasterLife Certified Yoga Instructor


“ I love teaching Yoga and sharing how a breath-centered practise can open the door to overcome personal obstacles, improve confidence and fulfil dreams. ”

Founder of the MasterLife Yoga programs with over 20 years of teaching experience, Yuko brings her in-depth knowledge and love of Yoga to individuals and health and sports professionals furthering their education.

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Nick Marshall is the creator of the 82 Breathing Analysis and Coaching programs and plays an important role in introducing MasterLife participants to the science of the breath and biomechanics for Sport and Yoga.

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Certification and Yoga Teacher Training

Our Certified Teachers

MasterLife teachers and instructors

Yoga Teachers and Therapists certified in the MasterLife programs come from all ages, walks of life, languages, countries and backgrounds.

They studied and became proficient in understanding the relief and right to be different that Ayurveda provides each one of us, reading the real-time state of Mind and Body, and life-changing blood oxygen manipulation practises as found in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

This program is available worldwide, and we offer a combination of live online video classes via skype and short intensive immersions in person.



Certified MasterLife Attachés


    • Paris region
      • Gina McGovern
      • Anne Lise Wahab
      • Maurice Di-Michele
      • Jennyfer Schwing
      • Nadia Del Colle
      • Sylvie Michel

  • South of France
    • Bonnie Aoun
    • Carine Ferraresi
    • Jean-Denis Mouchon
    • Julie Gautier

  • Occitanie
    • Cristina Kawamoto

  • London
    • Kate Woodward

  • Lebanon
    • Mareille Aoun

  • Tahiti
    • Coline de Georges