Yoga for Athletes Instructor Certification

Your mind and body have unlimited potential when in the 'Zone'.

Become a MasterLife Yoga for Athletes Instructor and step up your knowledge to another level.

Level 1 MasterLife Yoga for Athletes certification (Competent);
• Free online introductory meeting
Option 1 - 12 weeks: 12 x 1½-2 hour live online sessions
Option 2 - 5 day intensive group sessions
Option 3 - 3 weekends intensive group sessions
Option 4 - 5 day 1:1 private intensive sessions**
• Instruction manual
• Certificate Level 1
Cost: 840€ (Payment plan available)

What is the MasterLife Yoga for Athletes Instructor program?
MasterLife Yoga for Sports instructor training is neither a program of 'stretching' nor a series of flexibility postures.
It is an instructor training designed to help teachers and instructors understand their students sport and judge how to help them progress using Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

Who can become a MasterLife Yoga for Athletes Instructor?
For coaches, the Yoga for Sports program gives you an extra arrow in the quiver when it comes to an athletes development, health and long-term success and motivation.

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