Prenatal Yoga teacher instruction certification

Level 1 MasterLife Prenatal Yoga Instructor certification;
• Free online introductory meeting
Option 1 - 12 weeks: 12 x 1½-2 hour live online sessions
Option 2 - 5 day intensive group sessions
Option 3 - 3 weekends intensive group sessions
Option 4 - 5 day 1:1 private intensive sessions**
• Instruction manual
• Certificate Level 1
Cost: 840€ (Payment plan available)

Who can become a MasterLife Prenatal Yoga Instructor?
No matter whether you have practised Yoga or not in the past, you can learn, practise and develop the skills of Prenatal Yoga, allowing you to share it in the future.
Already in use by Yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and health and medical professionals, you can start today.
Yuko is also certified by Mamaste Yoga and is well-known for her experience and kindness to new mothers.
A mother of two children herself, Yuko welcomes you to take part from your home via video or in her home environment.

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