Functional Yoga
Level 1

Visit the South of France for a week-long intensive Yoga certification. Make your accommodation reservation with Airbnb and then we will come to you.

This unique alternative yoga program focuses on cutting edge information on the application of yoga practices for our busy western world. Weave the wisdom of yoga into your daily life and gain clear insight into how to accompany others on their path to vitality.

Topics include:

Breath 101: The science behind the breath. Deepen your understanding of how the breath works biochemically and apply these fundamental principle to align the breath for postural efficiency, mental clarity and soulful living.

Ayurveda: Ayurvedic wisdom for the western Lifestyle - Ayurveda often evokes images of spicy potions, but this is far from the truth. In this section of the program we delve into the wisdom of this approach and bring it into the 21st century for you, your family and your students.

Metaphysics: The subtle energy bodies. Strengthen the link between the Ckakras and your breathing, postures and meditation in your daily life .

Philosophy: The Patanjali sutras explored, explained and adapted to your modern world.

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