Functional Yoga
Level 2

Visit the South of France for a week-long intensive Yoga certification. Make your accommodation reservation with Airbnb and then we will come to you.

Develop and build on your Level 1 certification knowledge of the breath, ayurveda and metaphysics.
This unique alternative yoga program focuses on cutting edge information on the application of yoga practices for our busy western world. Weave the wisdom of yoga into your daily life and gain clear insight into how to accompany others on their path to vitality.

Topics include:

Student Decoding: Building on the Masterlife Clinic in Level 1, decode physical movement patterns and gain insight into how Yoga can redevelop a students body and mind.

Advanced Breath Science: Moving from ancient Pranayama into modern science, explore for yourself the differents facets of respiration and their basis in science fact.

Path of Yoga: Don't DO Yoga, BE Yoga. A roadmap to transitioning to the state of being Yoga.

Ayurveda explored: Changing food into medicine, thought into action and movement into knowledge.

Metaphysics: Anchoring, connecting and empowering. Understand energetic and physical potential through the transformation of habits and thoughts.

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